Pioc Suas Mé

Bring the Irish language into your business in a fun and practical way! Gaillimh le Gaeilge are offering you the opportunity to showcase your business, keep your business in your customers pocket as well as maintaining Galway’s unique bilingual and cultural image with the use of the Irish language!

Pioc Suas Mé booklets specifically designed for your business for the fantastic price of €300 (including design) for 1,000 booklets. (If you wish to supply your own artwork, the price is €270)


What is it?

‘Pioc Suas Mé’ is a booklet containing Irish language greetings as well as useful phrases for restaurants and hotels. The booklet also features the phonetic spelling and English translation of the Irish language phrases to encourage visitors and Galwegians alike to give Irish a go! Click here to see a sample booklet.


How do I Order?

If you would like more information or would like to order ‘Pioc Suas Mé’ booklets, please do not hesitate to contact Gearóidín at 091 568876 or email eolas@gleg.ie.


Bain trial as – Give Irish a go!!!

Here is a sample of the ‘Pioc Suas Mé’ phrases:


Hello (literal translation: God to you) – Dia duit | Dee ya gw-itch

Reply – Dia is Muire duit | Dee ya iss mw-irra gwitch (literal translation: God & Mary to you)


How are you? – Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú? | Kayn kwh-ee a will thoo?

I’m doing well -Tá mé go maith | Thaw may guh mah


Would you like..? -Ar mhaith leat..? | Er wah lath..?

I would like -Ba mhaith liom | Ba wa lum


Any news? -Aon scéal? | Ain shcale?


What is your name? – Cad is ainm duit? – Cod iss anim ditch?

My name is Áine -Áine is ainm dom |Áine iss anam dum


Bye for now – Slán go fóill | Slawn guh foal


Cheers! – Sláinte! | Slawn cha!

Gaeilge sa Ghnó

The "Irish in Business" Service is designed to give companies a service in which they are guided through the process of adapting some or all of their business to bilingualism.

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