Signage is a fantastic way to give your company a visual bilingual image. Bilingual signage has an immediate and very effective impact on the customer, even before they enter your premises.

On deciding how much Irish to put on your signs, and to what extent your signage can practically be bilingual, every case is different, and although general rules can be given, varying factors will have to be considered. For example the need for clarity will be greater where complex arrays of signs are concerned, and some signs with branded logos will require little else.

Many companies, particularly those part of a franchise or national / international brand, will have restrictions regarding their signage. To counterbalance this, some companies have adopted the use of ‘Gaillimh’ as opposed to ‘Galway’ on their signage. This shows a recognition on behalf of the company of the bilingual environment, and ‘Gaillimh’ is used frequently around Galway and Ireland.

Signs around Galway

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Gaeilge sa Ghnó

The "Irish in Business" Service is designed to give companies a service in which they are guided through the process of adapting some or all of their business to bilingualism.

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