Cairde Ghaillimh le Gaeilge

You can become a ‘Cara’, ‘Cara Maith’ or ‘Dlúthchara’ each with their own set of benefits. Your support is vital for Gaillimh le Gaeilge.


Become a ‘Cara’

€80 per year

(€50 for an individual)

Become a ‘Cara Maith’

€280 a year

Become a ‘Dlúthchara’

€850 a year

Benefits for you


Cara Maith


Exclusive Invitations to Business Lunches at discounted rate and invitations to social events such as the Annual Fulacht Fia and Christmas Party

A monthly newsletter, keeping you up to date with upcoming events, projects and news about bilingual Galway

Recognition of your support with a listing and link to your website from the Gaillimh le Gaeilge site

Cairde Window Sticker (display in your business to show your support to Galway as a bilingual city)

Free Translation Service* (CVs/documents not included)

Gaeilge sa Ghnó – Tailored advice on how to encorporate the Irish language into your business which will help your business stand out

An acknowledgement on all of Gaillimh le Gaeilge’s regular printed material (Annual report, Cairde Annual Diary) of your contributation to the work of the company

PR Service – Promotion of launches and services on Irish language media, allowing your company to reach a new market, further your PR and business.

You can nominate a ‘Cara’ of the company so that they too can enjoy the benefits.

We invite you to join us in the promotion of the Irish language in Galway City and strengthen Galway’s bilingual status.

To fully realise the potential benefits and to secure the value of the Irish language for Galway City, we ask for your support to;

  1. Secure in excess of €136 MILLION ANUALLY for Galway City and County
  2. Maintain our national and international reputation as a unique Cultural City that values it’s lingusitic heritage
  3. Maintain our USP [unique selling point]
  4. Maintain our ‘exclusive product’ for our Tourism Industry